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Watercolor workshop - Series

Watercolor workshop - Series

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Watercolor workshop series with Arijit Dutta

When : Oct 8th, Oct 22nd, Nov 19th, Dec 3rd from 10am-12pm (Register for "All" to get $30 off!)

Where : Albany, CA

Age: 8 years +

No. of spots: 8


Workshop format:

This workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate artists wishing to explore and improve watercolor painting techniques. We will begin with an exposure to materials and tools that are used for painting with watercolor including brushes, surfaces, and various forms of watercolor paint. We will also look at various application techniques, including wet on dry, wet on wet, dry on wet, washes and more. We will work on one painting together and complete it by the end of class. 

Paper will be provided. All other supplies such as paints, brushes, palette, etc. are needed. A list will be provided prior to the workshop. 

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